Core Logic

Core Logic - Project Overview

S ETConsultants personnel have extensive experience in the mortgage origination, secondary loan market, MLS and property tax data. Experience with CoreLogic involved SETConsultants peronnel working with the most comprehensive database coverage in the United States. CoreLogic’s property data coverage extends to over 147 million residential and commercial properties, which comprises 99% of all USA properties, impacting 99.9% of the total population. In total, CoreLogic provides the most comprehensive and current property, mortgage and financial databases in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand - encompassing more than 4.5 billion property and financial records.

With partners, SETConsultants personnel worked with CoreLogic partner data aggregators and other value-added resellers who offered the latest real estate information in a variety of property and lending-centric applications. Prior to working with CoreLogic, SETConsultants personnel were responsiblefor the development and distribution of the Value Added Loan ORignination softare, a web-based, integrated mortgage origination system.

Project Details

client Core Logic
Services Distributed TCP/IP Communications
Workflow Automation
Mortgage Services
Date 2016-04-01
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