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Andes Amazon Conservancy


Client: Andes Amazon Conservancy

Date: 10 October, 2018

Services: Development, Stripe


The non profit group Andes Amazon Conservancy has a simple mission: To provide resources and planning services to indigenous and rural communities in the Andes Amazon region so they can achieve the sustainable futures they want and deserve.

In order to achieve this goal, SET Consultants worked closely with the AAC on a number of brand strategy tasks, web development, managerial reporting for accounting, text localization, newsletter integration with MailChimp, and payment integration for donations. A content management system was integrated for blog posts and company news, as well as detailed information on AAC project development and progress.

Where are they now?

Since working with SET, the AAC has raised funding to empower native peoples in the Amazon to protect their territories with modern land use planning and opportunities for ecotourism. In addition, the AAC is undergoing a planning process with the Shuar and Shiwiar peoples and is in discussions with the Sapara and Kichwa for continued conservation plans.

Dr. Harry S. Watkins was the founding Chair of the Board for the AAC and served on the board for the first two years of the AAC’s existence. He is Professor Emeritus of Point Loma Nazarene University, San Diego, California where he was Professor of Business Strategy and Sustainability Studies in the Fermanian School of Business.

A life-long environmentalist, having grown up backpacking in the California Sierra Nevada mountains, and diving among reefs in the Gulf of California, Harry is devoted to reaching his vision of driving the conservation process of areas that the natives have stewarded for thousands of years.


Continued Work

The AAC is continuing their work with plans for development of bio-corridors as well as eco turism. They are collaborating with indigenous leaders and local governments to advocate for the protection of world class bio-corridors. Donations allow them to expand their outreach and grow the awareness of the actual cure for species loss in the region. Spectrum is dedicated to ensuring efforts in these areas which require technology and training components are met.