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The Reasons Behind SETCo's Success

About Us

Why SET Consultants?

Training and education programs are required in order to keep pace with global competition. Innovative approaches to training and education will give your company the competitive advantage needed to compete in today's ever-changing technological world.

SETCo offers consulting services that are directly linked to your business training objectives. We help you achieve efficacy in your training and development program by employing an interdisciplinary team of experts that have the know-how to work with your subject matter experts (SMEs) to develop your training deliverables. Your company provides the SME expertise and we provide the support needed to develop the training. We provide Instructional Designers, Developers, Researchers, Technical Writers, Software Engineers and Project Managers. Our team has experience in a multitude of industries with global companies.

SETCo's Training and Development solutions continue to exceed the demanding challenges of its clients' training needs time and time again by merging its technical competencies in training, education and technology with professional business consulting can-do attitude to deliver effective customer solutions.


Your Business Needs

Full Stack Web Development

Currently, SetCo’s principal focus is on software engineering for both front end and back end components for web-based technologies. The front end technology deals with all of the user presentation, or what the user sees, and the back end involves the data that must be accessed for processing and analysis required by the application.

Key technologies used by the front end include HTML, CSS and Javascript as well as web design technologies for file presentation in 2D and 3D imagery. Through its partner network Setco has access to cutting-edge technologies for real-time video analysis and modification as well as Augmented Reality (AR) presentation. Our front end specialists have decades of experience developing client side interfaces using current best practices such as MVC frameworks.

For back end development, SetCo has a rich set of back end technical development skills for implementation of cloud-based applications for business of almost any size. SetCo typically develops dynamic web sitesb that are constantly changing and updated in real-time as user interactions demand. All information, like user profiles or images they've uploaded, or user notifications, are stored in the database. Our back end developers might use the Laravel framework and PHP programming to do back end software development, but the technologies used are always based on client needs. The front-end and back-end comprise the full-stack development process.

Existing Client Project Management

DigicolorCreations.com (DCC) is a global print service specializing the manufacture and product fulfillment of home decor and fashion items designed by artists and photographers.

SetCo provides the following for DCC:

  • Web site manager and database manager in the cloud
  • Web site enhancements and software development
  • Analytics and metrics integration
  • On-line marketing, sales and promotions
  • Identification and prototyping of new technologies for e-Commerce and customer presentation

Our Skills

Web Development
Graphic Design

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